Trends in AI: What are KTH Students Most Interested in?

KTH is one of the top technical universities in Europe. Situated in Stockholm, it sits at the heart of one of the largest and most innovative AI hubs in the world. Companies like Spotify, Ericsson, and QuantumBlack work with and develop cutting-edge AI solutions every day and at KTH, hundreds of researchers are immensely devoted to pushing AI knowledge forward. This immense AI culture, which lies so deep at the heart of KTH and Stockholm, also attracts thousands of students to this city every year.

At the KTH AI Society, we aim to represent and strengthen this AI culture by building a competent community of KTH students. This includes organizing events, creating videos and articles (like this one!), and collaborating with other organizations. To do this in a way that is beneficial to our members, we are interested in understanding what areas of AI KTH students find most interesting and would like to learn about.

To do this, we ran an anonymous survey back in August on these topics for our members and new arrivals at KTH. We found the results interesting and insightful, and in line with our open and data driven philosophy, we’re happy to share the results. Check out the survey results below!

KTH Student AI Interests. Note Neural Networks and Deep Learning are by far the most popular area currently.
KTH Students seem to generally prefer learning about how to apply ML methods in industry relevant contexts, as opposed to focusing on the underlying theory on which these methods work.
Computer vision is the most popular field KTH students are interested in, shortly followed by Natural Language Processing
Software Engineering and Medicine appear to be the standout fields where KTH students are interested in the potential for AI to be applied, with Finance/Fintech following closely after

In general, we find that KTH students have diverse interests in AI, however there is a clear focus on practical, industry relevant knowledge. Software engineering and medicine are the most interesting emergent industries in this regard.

We hope you found these results interesting! In a future report, we’ll outline some more thoughts on AI from our member base.

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Author: Nathan Bosch is the Head of Education at the KTH AI Society, MSc student in Machine Learning at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology, and R&D Intern at Ericsson. You can reach him on LinkedIn or by email at